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Thursday, October 28, 2010

14 Loves that get me through EVERY DAY!

  1. Dark Chocolate.  I'm obsessed.
  2. Pandora gold champagne leather rope bracelet.
  3. DRAKE.  It's definitely love.
  4. TIFFANY'S heart lock necklace from my parents many Christmas's ago.  It's my go-to accessory.
  5. Black rainbows.  I have the thicker strapped ones, and they've lasted ages!
  6. M.A.C. Mineralize Finish Powder in medium.  Amazing, amazing, amazing!  All I wear every day on my skin!
  7. Coach key holder.  Mine is smaller, for my keys. 
  8. Goat's milk soap. 
  9. Organic beeswax balm.  Picked this up at my local state fair!
  10. M.A.C. lipglass in pinkarat.
  11. Lilly planner.  Very cute.
  12. Original ipod nano!
  13. Mark Winkstick in Demure?  Not sure the exact name anymore!
  14. Wine.  This is not every day haha, but I enjoy a good glass every once in a while. 

*Please note, all images are courtesy of google*.


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