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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Some Sunday Shopping (that I'll do tomorrow) ;)

*Please note the above images are courtesy of google*.

I am ashamed to say that I am just now (today) seeing Sex and the City 2.  As much as I adored the show all those years, yes I was a little young to be watching it most ages...but whatever...I absolutely loved the first movie.  But I never got around to seeing the 2nd one, on account of I don't like going to theaters alone and I had no one to go with...I should have made my loving boyfriend go a few months back.  But at last, today I saw it and it's amazing how fabulous these ladies are and how inspiring this movie is...ohh and who could forget the fashion?!  The most important ingredient!  But the music is also so great, which is why instead of downloading the music myself, I am just going to purchase the cute dang packages the soundtracks come in, tomorrow...I love Sex and the City!  And I'm definitely "A Carrie"!  ; *


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