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Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Wishes.

Thanksgiving was kind of ... torture in a way for me this year.  Family was too much, my sister's boyfriend drama was too much, my own depression was too much...etc. .  However, today, I will be leaving soon and it's 10:30 a.m. now.  That is much too early for a girl like me to have an early lunch/brunch with Robert, my soul brother as I call him. :)  But after, we are going for the 6-mile (plus) river trail in our home town, well we are walking the hell out of it that is.  Hopefully I'll get my boots today from Aldo that I ordered last week, and then I can go home (to where I currently reside), and do some (nooo) homework... bleh.  (On the homework).  Other than that, Monday is going to be as chill as any other day for me lately.  I have lots to do this week though, I have to pack up my room forreal this time...because I move in with D (my boyfriend) THIS COMING SUNDAY!  My big move out as a woman with my man...a much needed "grown-up" decision!  I hope all goes smoothly...there's so much to be done, in so little time!!!  Send me good energy and happy vibes!  As I wish the same to all my readers...


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