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Thursday, December 30, 2010

I am so very grateful...

I am so very grateful for many things, but last night, that is the top of the list for me and my book.

I had the most amazing experience of my life with my two best loves, Drea and Robert.  It was pretty much our last night to be together in person for a while, since Drea was or is in fact, leaving us again.  :(  But, we decided to all go see a psychic together.  Now, Andrea has been several times to these, but Robert and I were virgins, if you will.  Personally, I was so nervous.  It was late, we called around, searched around...finally a 24 hour psychic that was "closed" at first.  But she was the nicest lady on the phone, made an exception, and discounted our price each since we were coming in three.  I'm not sure if one is supposed to detail about their psychic experience, but I feel like telling a little, if only to remember myself in years to come.

The first thing this sweet lady said to me was "you are so very blessed, there are guardian angels all around you!  You must have been very religious in a past life, people feel the need to protect you."  That was starting off what she said to me, and it's crazy because I always feel safe even when I sense danger, but I never feel alone.  Most do not know that I have literally almost died several times, or at least come close to very serious danger.  Yet somehow, miraculously, I escape it.  This information did however creep me out just a little...I mean, do the guardian angels know me?  Who are they?  I didn't find it necessary to ask, either.  She kept telling me how good my life was, yet I struggle internally and am very insecure--yet others find me or think I am very secure.  She told me I was a good person, and came from good people, and that my life is very very good.  Very true.  She also went on to say I will have not one or two careers--but 4!!  One will be a long one in the career I'm going for now (fashion)...the others are to come.  She said one would most likely be something charitable, also inhibiting my travels...not just travel but travelS!  I felt the need to ask her at some point if I was going to have a long and happy life and would I be successful?

She immediately smiled and shook her head with a "oh my yes, you have good health and a long and happy life ahead of you."  She told me I'd have a family and be married, but also balance my career.  She said I'm more of a homebody and would be a housewife as well (who knew because I never want to admit this at allll).  I felt the need to ask her after this, if the person I was with now, was the one I would be with in the future as in my babydaddy, ha.  She smiled sweetly and said "yes, and he cares for you so very much.  He is a good person."  The last question I asked her was for my sanity, asking did my last relationship mean anything at all and does he or did he ever love me?  She simply replied "oh honey, he just didn't want commitment.  He wanted this one and that one (*insert hand gestures*)...but that is not to say he didn't or doesn't care about you."  That is pretty much the end of my reading.  This all cost me $30 dollars...but I think we were supposed to technically be charged something like $45-75.  This seems very steep, the $75 part...but the peace I felt after seeing her, and feeling her kind energy...was something I can't describe the way I'd like to do the experience justice.

I've never felt so happy, or so calm, and determined.  She reassured what I knew, (that I was blessed), but in a way that made me not just hear it, but feel it.  For the first time.  She even mentioned that me and my fellow loves were all connected and knew each other from a past life.  And that is why we are such good friends and love and care for each other very much.  I went to a lady named Millie.  And she was lovely.  A good person, a gentle soul, and an Angel, truly.  Sometimes in life, we need strangers, outsiders, someone unannounced to us to tell us things that we need to hear, but cannot accept from our close friends or family.  Wherever this experience takes me, I know now in my heart that I am truly blessed, protected, and loved.  I was told I radiate positive energy, and that is a reason people love me so much.  I am pleasant to be around.  Things like this are nice to hear, and securing.  I am in love with my night last night, with my two best friends, and the help that Millie gave such lost soulmates.

Thank you Millie!!!


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