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Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting Back to Business

I've been pretty lazy getting organized and back to updating on here...but hopefully that will all change now.  I have been assigned my group projects for the semester, things are starting to be due very soon, and also tests are being I felt the need to GET ORGANIZED and get to doing what I set out to do for the new year.

A few things;


I traded in my classic Navy Dooney Satchel  for this Longchamp Le Pliage (large) tote.  I thought it more practical for school/and I like biggg bags because I like to carry a lot with me at all/most times.  My parents promised me a Louis Vuitton Speedy of my choice as my graduation present--since I've wanted one since I was like 16... (this is also the reason I got rid of my Dooney, it was top handle...not practical for school, and I knew I'd get the top handle of my dreams if I could wait till May) looks like this:


*This keeps me motivated to actually care and do well--since it's my LAST SEMESTER of college EVER!!!*  Let's hope I pass...

Also, I went antiquing this passed weekend with my boyfriend's wonderfully sweet grandmother (I just adore her).  I got a lot of really cool things that she very nicely bought for me!  I'll have to take some pics and post them later...I have a headache right now.  :(

Before I go; here's a lipstick I really love that I just bought at MAC:

*Orignially I had gotten Creme d' Nude.  But, it looked SOOO bad on me--no matter how much I conditioned my lips before!  I don't think you should HAVE to add a gloss on a lipstick just to make it look good.  That should just be extra dazzle, but it should look really nice alone.  So, for all you fair-skinned, but warm-toned brunettes out there with light eyes (or not on the eyes), Plink! is a really really lovely SHEER pinky but nude shade.  It looks much darker in the tube than when on.  It's the perfect color for me!  My new nude "go to" for every day!

*UPDATE* As mentioned before, I no longer have this Longchamp...haha I am so bad at being decisive!  I exchanged it finally for a red bag, medium sized...same style!  Also, the Louis pic above is of a size 35 I believe...but now I think I've decided on the size 25 (for my petite figure).
*Please also note that these images are from google and I am not representing them as my own*.


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