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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Blog.

I think a new year deserves a new blog look and name; The Little Brown Book.  And hopefully I will keep up and update frequently with lots of pictures and feedback on my life.  Maybe this will in some small way help keep me organized and also entertain myself and my friends that read along.

I saw that a lot of people on blogger were doing a tribute to 2010 by naming the highlight events of each month of the year...let's see if I can play along -- my memory sucks.

For new years, I sat at home doing nothing.  I think I might have had some Bo'jangles for dinner...and I remember texting Dustin about a new years kiss...we weren't dating.  And he was living in AZ!

I know I didn't have a Valentine, and I had a serious project due...and I seriously didn't do much for it.

I don't remember anything really here.  The beginning of 2010 was a heartbreaking blur.

I started talking to Dustin.  One myspace message first, (I knew him before from my hometown, so it wasn't a creepy myspace dating sitch FYI), then a phone call...then the rest is history.  We became official April 19th.

Dustin came to visit me, but first delivered me a dozen red roses (my fav) a week before with a cute little note.  I'd never been sent or given flowers by any man other than my daddy before.  It was so amazing, getting to see him during his visit (he lived in AZ finishing going to school), getting to meet his friends, learning how to live together for 6 weeks.  He stayed with me only and spent 98% of his trip with me!  I fell in love this time...

Dustin had to leave me at the end of this month...

Late night phone convos with the newfound love of my life...D.

My mom surprised me with a paid plane ticket to see Dustin, for doing good in school.  It was my fall break, and it was surreal.  We went to the Grand Canyon together.  Beautiful, romantic, unforgettable.  Also, Dustin's 23rd.  I bought him a very nice necklace...and a few other things.

I wouldn't see Dustin until December...but this is the introduction of skype for me.  :)  Dustin bought me a pink web cam.

I passed out candy to the little kids with my dad dressed up as a cat.  The kiddies were scared of Khloie...and I got the strangest questions:

"Can I have your dog?"
Me: "No."

"Are you a cat?"
Me: "Nope, these are my regular ears."

My 23rd.  I got lots of things, but what mattered most was the beautiful Swarovski necklace that D got me.

4 Christmas's.  We made 3.  Introduction to families; memories to last a lifetime.

There ya go, my 2010 year...loved the end of I'm ready for 2011 with my sweeties.


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