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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Clinique Gift from Rob (ily)

Robert, one of my best and most true friends EVER; bought some Clinique Happy For Men cologne for himself this weekend, and got this all free.  He just had to give this to MUAH, and I just had to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ROB!!!  You playa, are the best!!! <3 XOXOXO

Came with lipstick, bronzer/blush, an eye "de-puffer", facial cleanser/moisturizer, volumizing mascara, and eyeliner!
Also, so I took back my pink large Longchamp tote, it was just tooooo big and I don't carry that much stuff with me even to school--if I do I just use my Patagonia bag.  It was too bulky and I looked stupid wobbling around with it and my 5'2" frame.  So I got the medium, red Longchamp Le Pliage tote.  For a little va va voom in color, (everyone has the black one).  I got the "Deep Red"...and I recently saw a repeat Sex and the City ep where Samantha was (no pun intended) Jones'ing for that red Birkin, that Lucy Lui stole in the end from her lol.  And I saw this and wanted it!  I'm more of a Carrie, buttt I do have some Samantha tendencies--esp with my style!  So, I spiced it it is...what do you guys think?!


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