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Saturday, February 26, 2011

future . . .

*Please note these images came from various retail websites and google and I am not representing them as my own*.

I'm starting a personal body challenge/life goals challenge for myself.  Every few months, if I continue to aim and reach my goals (with my body and my personal life), then I will invest in some of these pieces as a reward.  That being, if I have the money, of course.  :)

The above picture layout/list is of things I want or am looking forward to collecting upon graduation to start off my new life.  I have to find a worthy/good start-out job, and hopefully my grandparents will so kindly keep their promise, and give me a trip to anywhere I'd like...and I would like to be in Paris.  If that works out for me, my bestfriend Drea and I will get our passports out (or in my case actually apply for one), and head over to Paris, France, for some coffee macaroons, dance dance, fashion, art, style, ahh everything that it has to offer.  I love the idea of it.  I am so excited to travel there soon!  

So the reason I said that I want skinny because in order to fit/or find some jeans I like...I need to lose a few pounds...okay more than a few!  Did you know abercrombie only makes up to an 8?!  I WAS that size, I've gained weight so I'm between a 10-12 right now.  :(  I hope to at least become a size 6 again.  My frame will NEVER be a size 2...but I would like to wear the cute little fashion designer sample sizes too one day...I also need a good pair of designer sunglasses.  I don't or haven't ever had anything fancy in that department...and would like to invest in a good pair when I can.  

Next is a cozy sweater/jacket.  I hate that it is so hard for me to find a good that covers my bum for if I'd like to wear yoga pants and a crop top or leggings.  I just prefer my rear end to be covered...usually ha.  This one pictured above is by Madewell and it's Boucle and cozy and perfect.  But I can't afford it right now, even though it's only $170 something...that's not in my reach right now.  So I'll have to wait sadly.  The La Perla nightgown was something fun I want...something sexy and beautiful to treat myself to, and I thought it's something that I don't really own.  I wear sweats and tees to bed...I don't have anything near as beautiful as something as La Perla to lounge/sleep in.  It would be a nice treat, a luxe treat.  

The Louis Vuitton bag I also listed.  I've written about it on here a few times.  I am soo soo excited to get one finally upon completion of graduation (of course)!  I've seriously wanted and lusted over this bag since I was 16!!  No joke.  The idea of getting one soon is what is keeping me doing great in my studies.  I think I want the 25 size...for my height and frame.  (I'm 5'2").  

The rings on the side are of course the "YSL Arty Rings".  I am new to this, somehow, and I find them huge, lovely, and unique.  They aren't terribly expensive, surprisingly...but they have def gone up in price in just a year!  (About $100 more!)  I would either want the black one (it's the only one with a silver band and goes with everything) or the fuschia one...which is super fun and girly!  

I have to inspire myself every so often...and in my slump, making inspiration boards to motivate me and keep me fashion forward, so to speak, helps me get going.  Do any of you find yourself doing this, rewarding yourself, or are you on a personal challenge too?

XO, and happy RELAXING saturday!!!


  1. I'll definitely want to go to Paris one day, when I'm still young! I do like to treat myself after I accomplish something like when I get an A on the test or when I finished all my homework. I'm actually trying to gain weight, right now, my goal is to gain 15 pounds! xoxoxoxoo

  2. Thanks guys! Wow, I wish my goal was to gain weight! I do the same thing, obviously haha, if I get through a long day's work or project...I might buy some special little lip product, or something little but indulgent to pamper myself for doing good. I think it's important to let yourself know you are happy, beautiful, and worth it!


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