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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sadly, My Missed Opportunity :'(

Did any of you guys know about all this fabulousity?!  UGH!

SATC Pale Pink Beaded Flat
The Carrie.

SATC White Beaded Flat
The Charlotte.

SATC Snakeskin Flat
The Samantha.

SATC Purple Bow Flat
The Miranda.

SATC pink foldable flat
SATC Black Flower Flat
The Extras.

*Images courtesy of google*.

Sex and the City FOLDABLE FLATS?!?!  Inspired by each lady...for the promotion of the second movie.  Why didn't we know about this...why didn't I know about this...retailing at $65 a adorable packaging with cute little martinis and flowers in hot pink lining each bottom sole!  I discovered this all upon reading one of my absolute favorite blog fashionistas, Passport Glamour.

Did you ladies know about this amazing creation, or purchase these flats yourselves?  They were apparently sold online at the HBO store back in '09...when SATC2 was being promoted/released.  Passport Glamour bought hers from Redfoot, a UK store.  They retailed for the same, I believe.  Sad sad sad sad sad...because of course, can't find them anywhere now!  UGHHHHHH WHYYYY!!!  So much fun would these shoes have been!  :'(




    it´s czech website, so if do want them and can´t find them anywhere i´ll help you with that


    it´s in czech, but if you really want them i can help you with that...

  3. OMG I can't believe you found them--thanks so much! I wanted the Charlotte or the Carrie though... it looks like they don't have that one. But I'll keep it in mind, THANK YOU! XO


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