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Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Goodies ;)

So after working Open House for my college, on a saturday (blehh)...I went shopping with my baby!

I bought:
A new wallet!  From Juicy Couture, courtesy sale of Nordstrom Rack.

It reads "Juicy Princess" :).

It's big, with a full change part...perfect.

"Charge It!"  Lol.  I love the rose on the front of it!

My baby bought me:
 The top I wanted from Anthropologie.

It came wrapped like this...well, the sales lady did this...but it's cute!  It's scented paper, smelled gooood.

I got an "Anthro" card.  I guess it's like a rewards card?

The top part of the pretty top looks like this..."military" inspired.  

This is it laying flat.  It's super cute.

Soldierly Sparkle Top
*Image courtesy of Anthropologie website*.
Blurry, but online it looks like this!  (So you get an "on the body" impression of the look).  

Thanks baby, I love you!!  

And I hope you all enjoyed this blog post! 


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