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Sunday, February 13, 2011

personal survey! i tag everyone!!

1. favorite smell: fresh brewed coffee... best smell to wake up to! :)
2. favorite lipstick: MAC Plink! .
3. brand of clothing most worn: i love VS clothes!  def. their yoga pants!!
4. favorite flower: roses.  red ones, white ones, pink ones, sterling ones.
5. favorite nail polish: nudes, pinks, or bright reds/dark blues.
6. best hair product ever: i love Tresemme (sp) hairpsray.
7. work?: full time student.  fashion design major with brand management background & merchandising/marketing!
8. best designer: i don't have a fav?  but i love to dream about Louis Vuitton, D&G, and i love Ralph Lauren's classic styles.
9. longest relationship: now. :) almost one year.
10. girls or boys: i am a guy's girl.
11. every day makeup: MAC mineral finish powder in medium, MAC highighter/luminator blush, MAC eyeshadows, L'Oreal volumizing mascara, clear brow gel, and MAC Plink! lipstick...
12. flats or heels: i wish i could say heels...but i prefer flats or wedges.  loveee boots!
13. guilty pleasure: Bravo's Real Housewives...of everything!  but esp Beverly Hills and Atlanta!
14. favorite chocolate: anything with dark chocolate, hazlenut, or peanut butter!
15. best indulgence: bubble baths, gossip magazines, sex and the city re-runs.
16. valentine this year?: yes, my boo boo D. <3
17. pets?: Khloie. :)  my girlyy.
18. rather have a mani or pedi?: i can do my own mani...but i will take a pedi!!  (i prefer french on my toes!  or bright colors!)  and clear or nude on my nails!
19. every day jewelry: my mom's pearl earrings, mother's matching pearl ring with gold band, tiffany's heart link bracelet.
20. best scent to wear: i loved the VS Pink fresh scents the clean scents!  i'm looking for a new every day scent though--please recommend!
21. television shows: real housewives, sometimes house, millionaire matchmaker, and how i met your mother.
22. celeb crush: Kim Richards...Mila Kunis.
23. favorite book: romantic comedies/self-help books/inspiring books/science fictions.
24: favorite drink: sex on the beach.  or malibu bay breeze.  and wine.
25. favorite non-alch. drink: sweet tea; diet coke.
26: most used phrase: "shutup".
27. best friends and 1thingulove: Dustin; that he loves me unconditionally.  Drea; she is my twin, and my worldly half.  Robert; I've never met someone more hilarious or amazing than him.
28. phone: blackberrrrrry.  i never caught the "crackberry" disease.
29. dream vacay: somewhere breathtakingly beautiful.  something like that movie, Under the Tuscan Sun.
30. bag at moment: red Longchamp medium tote.


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