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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

this just in: :)


I will post pictures soon...of like everything I carry in that thing haha.  I'm sooo happy because I was worried after I ordered it I had ordered the wrong color.  I wanted the "Pink" that is like a pale pink/lilac/champagne color.  But, I found out afterrr ordering that the same color turns up on most websites as "Hawthorne".  To clarify, they both looked the same to me in every aspect (and I'm a detailed textiles student), and truthfully I think that if you're in France, they call this bag color "Rose" and in America, "Pink" and in some kind of mix-up--Hawthorne might just have been a mistake.  Basically, if you're interested in this bag, it's discontinued in this color...unless you're in France...buttt, if you go to your local Nordstrom, they can locate other Nordstrom's that might have this bag in "back overstock"...which is what I did, and I got it for a STEAL for only $96 and with tax $104!!  The large ones I believe retail for about $145 without tax usually.  So, I saved money and got a nice bag.  I'm very happy...I got the large size because I feel like the medium is waaaay too small.  I wish there was a better transition in Longchamp sizing, but I'm still happy to get the large...especially for school.

So yeah, post pics later but for now, bed time--lotsss of work for school tomorrow--yikes!!!


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