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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Every Day Make-Up and Reviews

So, I thought I'd share my easy make-up routine that I usually do every single "school" or "business" day.  Sometimes, (for special events or glam moments), I change it up to be more dramatic...but I prefer a *fresh* face for every day, and this is what I find to work best for me.

First off, I am fair, but a warm-complexion fair.  So that means I have pink undertones, and so a "fair" powder or foundation (even though I haven't worn foundation in years) doesn't work for me--I have to go to a medium shade usually.  Otherwise, I look grey-ish...because my warm undertones aren't being accentuated right.

P.S. I'm not an expert, but this is ME and MY routine:  :)

1.  After moisturizer is applied, (sometimes I only apply it the night before if I don't shower that morning and skip it then...otherwise right after the shower I apply a little bit of moisturizer!) I use a powder brush to apply my MAC Minerals Skin Finish in Medium.  This is all I use, and it's an amazing product--I have never worn foundation since I discovered this stuff.  It's a mineral based powder that does all the coverage, but is so light on the face...perfect for summer, and I can apply more if needed in the winter!

2.  Next, I like to apply my blush.  Lately, or I should say after, my friend Robert got me some clinique blush, I've been loving it and using it nonstop.  It's the Clinique Blushing Blush Powder in Sunset Glow.  The name implies it's possible usage as a bronzer and blush in one...and that's exactly how I'd describe the color.  This color is very versatile for many, many skintones!

3.  After my blush is done, and my powder is set, I use a highlighter on my brow bone, even though I have really pronounced brow bones in general, and could really skip the highlighting, I like a little bit more of a shimmer, and it makes me look even more bright-eyed and awake with this extra perk...the Anastasia Brow Duality in Camille Matte and Sand Shimmer.

4.  I usually skip eyeshadow as I find it creases always in the late afternoon with my skin being super moist or oily, even though I have good skin, (reasonably speaking), it gets a little oily from my moisturizer and my natural pore's sweat.  So then I take my Clinique Quickliner for Eyes in #10 Dark Chocolate and line the outer corners and a little upward toward the center of my upper eyelid, for a more defined eye, but very very natural look.  Sometimes I even smudge it with one of my eyeshadow brushes, for an even softer look.
5.  The next thing I do is apply mascara.  I am loving Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara in Black.  It makes my lashes separate without ever being clumpy (which is so hard to find in a mascara for me).  I have long eyelashes, but not very thick ones.  This mascara curls them slightly, and separates them making them pretty and defined, and not over-exaggerative or clumpy at all, which I like and makes my look natural and polished, and fresh (which is what I want)!

6.  To seal the deal on my every day look, I use my new favorite lipgloss/balm/lipstick ever...Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss in Tutu.  This product is what it claims to be--it has the rich and vibrant color of a lipstick, the feel of a lipbalm (full of hydration to make your pout super kissable), with a shine like a lipgloss!  Tutu perfectly complements my dark locks and my fair/warm undertoned complexion.  It's simply, gorgeous and LONG LASTING.  I think it's super long lasting due to the balm-ness behind it, it makes your pout so so kissable, I mean it's ridiculous how amazing this stuff is...can't believe I'm just now trying it!  It WAS $23 something with tax included, and don't let the small size (.14 oz) fool you--a VERY small amount goes a LONG way!  So, you get what you pay for--awesome results if you're a lippy person like me.  I have to have moisturized and kissable lips to finish my look! 

So that's it guys...6 steps to make me look awake and vibrant every day!  I'd love to hear any make-up favs of yours and any tricks or tips--I'm all ears!! 

*Please note, photos are courtesy of retail websites and google*.


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