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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Pictures from our future home...(moving in May). :)  Tell me what you think--ideas, decor, paint, etc., ... I could use my fellow fashionistas' opinions!  I've always loved smaller, cottage style houses.  It's simple, artsy, and cute.  Which I love. <3 <3 <3

Welcome to our home.  This is the front.  The gutters DEFINITELY need to be cleaned, and some outside grooming still needs to be done.  This is a mini Victorian style house.

Another angle.

The front porch...with beautiful Victorian arches and a swing!

After opening the French doors, this is what you find.  A lovely living area with gorgeous hardwood floors and Victorian columns!  Not sure if I should keep the wallpaper?  I kind of like it though.

Turn to the left, and you see this amazing fireplace with the prettiest French door cabinets you've ever seen.  

To the right, you will find this...the den.  :)

Here is a close-up kind of, of the chandelier.

Straight through the living area, you'll find an all-white kitchen!  It's very roomy with TONS of storage!  There's room for a small dining table if wanted, and a refrigerator.

Every other kitchen tile on the wall has this design.  I guess it will make for a nice Ralph Lauren, All-American look if I wanted.  Or I could just go all-out beachy.

Window above kitchen counter.  There's a sun room through there.

Comes with this nice and new stove!!

Standing as far as I could back of the kitchen, looking through to living area.

Through the side of the kitchen, there's a hallway that immediately leads to this nice built-in desk on the wall.  

This is some of the storage above the desk.  SO MUCH STORAGE!!  Across from this space is a gliding door that is the room for the laundry area.  I couldn't get enough sunlight to take a good pic of that though...

The next hallway leads with this detailed molding.

And on to the bathroom!

Bathroom door to tub.

Double sinks!

Now, on to the MASTER bedroom.  It's huge.  With a whole lotta windows!

Complete with a fireplace!


Windows, again.  Told you.

Vanity area.

Hallway to vanity.


Victorian lamps.

Closet.  Needs work.

Other side of walk-in.

Spare bedroom!

I love these crystal doorknobs throughout the house.

Back to the living room, this is the details on the columns.

Close-up of wallpaper.

View of front door.

Outside car port.  And my boyfriend's baby, Cindy the Camaro.

Side door/side porch.  Needs painting.

Two story garage.

I love the flowers planted here.

Garage close-up.


Old owners left us this!  Thanks! :)

Sidewalk to garage.

Across the street.

Backyard view to front.

This is it you guys.  Our first house.  So, let me know what you think.  I am planning now things I am thinking of doing to it.  XO


  1. I love houses with character. The small details like the crystal doorknobs and the porch swing make this place perfect. Have fun decorating it and congratulations on the new addition. I'm sure you will make it even more lovely.

  2. thank you very much...I am in love with the crystal doorknobs lol! :) XO


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