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Sunday, March 20, 2011

graduation--is setting in. :)

So I have a little over a month left of school and being official student status.  I anticipate passing all my classes (actually I think there's a possibility of making the Dean's List for me!) because I've been working really hard this semester--more than I've ever worked for any semester of any part of my college "career".  I am so incredibly excited!!!  But I am also so scared and confused as to what to do with my life after...I know I'll be with Dustin, I know we're planning on moving back close to our hometown in a cozy little house that his grandparents have let us live in.  And I know that it's good for Dustin's family business experience, and I know that I need a break, and that it will give me a chance to relax, be around family, and to be very happy (because I love being around families...and want to get to know Dustin's dad's side even more)!  The only thing that keeps me up at night is what kind of job I potentially would be good at and actually want in the future.  What can *I* do that will make companies want me, trust me, need me?  I have got to work on my confidence level.  I get so scared, and I psych myself out usually--but, this semester I've been really really good about countering that.  So far, I hope I don't jinx myself!!!  Anyways, I've been lusting after this (like every girl really...especially in the blogging world...hear me out):

My version of a "class ring":

*Please note all images are from retail websites and google*.

I'm sure you guys know about the YSL Arty Oval Rings.  I love them.  But haven't been able to reason why I should splurge on one just yet--but now I have a reason of my own twist on tradtion--this ring is way more "me" than a traditional class ring.  I'm majoring in fashion.  This ring screams fashion.  Have I convinced you yet?  Because, this convinces me that it should be my c/o 2011 ring!  Now...on to pick a color...I'm loving the pink, but I like the black one because it comes in a silver band.  Oh, plenty of time to decide--not buying till after graduation...(Mother's Day weekend for me!!)

Which ones do you girls like or recommend for me?


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