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Thursday, March 10, 2011

If I were a cartoon superhero...

I'd look like this.
I'd have secret powers; I could fly and unleash super Jet Li moves.
I'd wear couture, always...and I'd kick evil's butt in Manolos like these.  Fierce!
My superhero boyfriend would have a combination of that of Spiderman and Wolverine.
I'd need coffee or some kind of espresso every morning to fuel my energy.  Or else I'd be normal.
My Tom Ford shades would block out all of my villian "haters".  They wouldn't be able to harm me with them on.
My Louis Vuitton Speedy would be a bottomless pit of weapons such as nunchucks, bear mace, and a sparkly Swarovski tiny handgun.
My manicures would never chip, a bonus of my superpowers.
This is what I'd be like, if I could be a superhero cartoon.  :)

*Please note most images are courtesy of google and I am not representing them as my own*.


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