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Friday, March 4, 2011

I tag YOU!

  1. Fav color: blush pink.  and black.
  2. Fav hairstyle: side swept bangs, down.
  3. Fav bag: i dream of a louis vuitton speedy 25!
  4. Fav piece of jewelry: my tiffany heart necklace.
  5. Fav product: avon moisture therapy lotion.
  6. Fav lip product: well, now, bobbi brown's rich color gloss, in tutu.  soo pretty!
  7. Fav parfume: my bath and body works one, i think it's called white citrus.  smells light, clean and springy fresh.
  8. Fav city: i dream of nyc.
  9. Fav friend: Drea. <3
  10. Fav quote: "love means never having to say you're sorry."
  11. Fav show: sex and the city.  yes, still.
  12. Fav snack: grapes...the red ones.
  13. Fav food: pizzaaa!  and tacos!
  14. Fav song: right now, Kelly Rowland's "motivation".
  15. Fav article of clothing: my eggplant Loft coat.  it keeps me looking pulled together.
  16. Fav shoes: my aldo cowboy boots.
  17. Fav candy: not a big candy eater.  
  18. Fav gum flavor: the new mint chocolate chip icecream flavor!!!
  19. Fav day: saturday.
  20. Fav holiday: new years.
  21. Fav celebrity: sarah jessica parker and jennifer anniston. (if i had to choose)


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