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Friday, March 11, 2011

Things *I* Love for Me:

my bestfriend, Drea, gave me this idea.  she made a list recently to remind her of the things that she does for herself, because they simply make her *happy*.  now, i'm making my keep things in perspective, and it sounded fun to share!  Enjoy...

  1. Taking the hottest bubble baths I can stand.  With hot cocoa, wine, or simply candles to indulge in.
  2. Buying a new lipgloss that is exceptionally pricey, but worth every second of feeling fabulous.
  3. Giving myself oatmeal facials.
  4. Grabbing coffee with my best friends--for long overdue chat sessions.
  5. Waking up early, making a pot of coffee, and eating yogurt with honey...adding fruit if needed.
  6. Listening to r&b, and dancing ... like a stripper would.  I think.
  7. Buying cute underwear.  Even if I'm the only one to ever see it.
  8. Wearing my Armani glasses.  Not to see, but because I feel cute in them.
  9. Having Sex and the City marathons.  While eating chocolate cake.  And drinking something with chocolate.
  10. Giving myself manis and pedis.
  11. Blowdrying my hair to make it super sleek...this is an event for me to do this every day.
  12. Antique shopping.  Thrifting.
  13. Keeping my eyebrows groomed.  Myself.
  14. Exfoliating.
  15. Making super healthy lunches or dinners.
  16. Writing music.  Recording music.
  17. My fashion design class.
  18. My girls at school.
  19. Rainy days and *nothing* to do.  
  20. Buying flowers.  Fake ones, since I kill real ones.  :(

What are things that make you guys happy?


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