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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Please Help!

So in 5 weeks (when I graduate)...I will be gifting myself for myself a Louis Vuitton Speedy 25.  That I am sure of.  The thing I'm not sure of is if I should get this bag in the classic brown MONOGRAM pattern or the really youthful and lovely DAMIER AZUR are both:

Ashley is modeling the classic brown monogram speedy.  Hilary is modeling the new lovely damier azur canvas speedy.  This is my first LV purchase, so I want it to be something that I won't tire of and will be classic.  I know that pretty much sums up the monogram, but the azur to me is also classic and really chic too.  I can see me rocking either bag, it's a matter of which one is better for me.  I'm 5'2" and 5'3" on a non-slouch day.  The azur is a nice break from the mono, but the mono is so classic to forget as well...



  1. I believe it was you who left that message on my formspring :) I know you are saying that you want a Speedy 25 but the pictures above are 30.

    My very first bag was a Mono Speedy 25 and that was almost 8 years ago. When I look at it, it looks vintage. I have the damier azur since it released a few years back and it just looks old. The leather handles are petina'd out and I hardly ever wear it anymore. Mono is classic!


  2. Hey Richelle thanks so much for getting back to me! Yeah, I know those are 30's but I just wanted to show the patterns/colors...the 25's aren't popular it seems, or at least I couldn't find a good photo haha! Thanks so much, you really helped and I think the mono is definitely the way I'm going to go--and maybe get an azur accessory to settle my craving for the color/pattern! :) I love your blog! How did you learn to make a navigator and all that cool stuff? I need to get on my blogging A-game!! XO

  3. You are welcome. I think that the only reason why the 25's are not popular is because it's small. Do the Monogram because it is class and get a little key card zippy thing in the azur. I have one and I love her since she doesn't have any leather trimmings :)

    What do you mean navigator? The header graphic on my page? I've been designing since 1999! Lol.


  4. lol yeah i'll prob do that with the azur zippy. No lol not the header, everyone has like a navigation bar with links like "about me" or "outfits" or "shop here". i think you have some on the side and at the top. one blog tried to explain how they did it with the html code in a post, but i tried it and it didn't work. oh well. it would be a cool feature, but i'm in the last few weeks before i can't research right now on my blog or i'd never get my real work done haha! :)


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