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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good News:

Today I found my long lost cousin of 20+ years.  She was my bestfriend as a child, and sooo beautiful she was and still is.  My grandma's been real sick in the hospital, and so I decided that this family secret crap had to end, and went searching for her...April. <3  I found her via Facebook, but it took some searching.  She was under a different name than me, even though it should have been the same.  I met up with her and surprised our grandparents at the hospital with her...I haven't seen my grandma smile the whole time she's been sick, which is well over a few months.  My grandma kept thanking me and was so incredibly happy to see her first born granddaughter after all these long long years.  My grandpa was just so shocked, he kept looking up and down at her and then dad was so happy to see his niece.  I saw them all tear up.  My heart is singing with joy...the missing piece to our puzzle is complete, and I don't ever ever ever want to let April go again.  She is just the way I remember her, and so kind and polite and just gorgeous.  I hope she will continue to visit grandma, because we all love her more than she knows.  And I can't wait to tell Uncle Blakey I found his daughter.  (That's April's dad).  He's been extremely sick, and I think April can cure both his sickness and my grandma's...because sometimes a broken heart is a broken heart...and no medicine a doctor can give you can heal that.  I love you April, you are beautiful, I'm so glad I found you...thank you Facebook, thank you Mark Z., thank you GOD.

"Life is crazy, but GOD is GOOD!  #Thankful"

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