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Friday, May 27, 2011

My 'Louisa'.

Finally did it--bought MY VERY OWN Louis Vuitton Speedy...and I decided upon the Damier Ebene print in a size 30--because the opening of the 25 was soo small!  I will post pictures soon--D and I are in the process of moving into the house and having repairs just being finished on it...moving is SO stressful and is taking a small toll on me...I just want to clean everything!  I won't rest until I do--but I'm also stressing about finding a good or at least somewhat decent job that I won't absolutely a small country fashion.  I applied to one today that would be fun I think, but I really have to work on my confidence in the job world.  Wish me luck--I'll be back blogging in no time!  :)  Happy graduation to me and my fellow graduates of 2011, we did it and we all enjoy time to celebrate and acknowledge our hard work!!!

P.S. As from the title, I'm sure you can guess...I've jokingly nicknamed my LV 'Louisa' haha.  XO

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