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Saturday, June 18, 2011

I am THANKFUL for... ✿

Because I've been feeling spiritual lately, and very in-tune with my *good* side...I wanted to take a minute to list the things in my life right now that I am ever so thankful for:

  • GOD.  And my now closer than ever before relationship with him.  And the miracles and blessings he bestows upon my family and me.
  • My second chance with the most amazing man I know.  Sometimes I'm not sure he loves me as much as I love him, but I hope he knows how much I care for him and just how much he means to me...the WORLD.  Thank you baby for being so amazing, sexy, and caring for me as you do.  
  • My friends. <3
  • Dustins' friends.  They have seemingly accepted me into their circle and been very friendly and outgoing towards me and it's not easy meeting new people and all getting along.  I hope they know I respect each and every one of them and am grateful they are there to make my man a happy one!  I look forward to future adventures together.
  • My little bundle of amaZing...Khloie.  I love my sweet little girl!
  • My home. :)
  • My FAMILY.  (Should be at top of list)
  • My heart.
  • My imagination.

**I just wanted to take a vow to stay on this positive path I'm on...and to leave behind those darker days.  I'm ready for a healthier and happier lifestyle and plan to maintain it this time.  I am so grateful for all of these things, and so much more!!** XO

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