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Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Little Touch of Humor on a Blah Day... ✿

I took this from one of my all time favorite blogs, HRH Collection.  It made me smile, and chuckle a bit, I thought I'd I have nothing to post for now of anything fashionable...since I'm cleaning this disgusting old house I live in.  Well, it's not disgusting, I just hate finding spiders every time I turn around.  Luckily, the boyfriend promised to spray this bye bye little demons!  I HATE spiders more than anything...they reallyyy creep me out.  I hope to post a little something later...I'm thinking a "what's in my bag" type post because those are my favorite to stumble upon.  I'm also trying to create my youtube channel more...but I kind of suck at it I feel...I don't have that natural camera ability I guess, ha.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful's not that sunny here-- :(.  But, tomorrow is TGIF day!  :)  XO

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