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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How Do You Get To This Point?

How do you get to this point?  Where the roles haven't shifted, but one has completely slipped away and enveloped itself into the other partner completely.  I pondered across old (what else?) Facebook pictures today and felt the happiness in those pictures.  Wondering what happened to me and my energy, my drive, ambition, love, happiness, poise, care, ...  .  I'm sorry D for putting everything on you.  I promise to find myself soon.  It's urgent, and I'm searching.  Not in the darkest of places right now, but I'm not in the lightest either.  The world and the mind are two very different and very mysterious things.  It's funny how quickly and without notice things change dramatically.  Just some thoughts to leave you with.  Or just myself.  ... XO

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