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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Self Acceptance

I've come to realize that I'm just nowhere near your average girl.  Whatever that really means, huh?  I hate people to hold me down, guys in particular.  I don't like people that are too nice to me because I feel smothered.  I am the most indecisive person probably in the entire world.  I am cold, and I can hurt others with my words to a point that you'd think I physically harmed them.  On the flip side, I can be the most loving, sweet,  caring person in the whole entire world.  Well, you get my point.  My question to myself constantly these days is "what the hell am I doing with my life?"  Someone once told me how special I was, how they thought I was the most amazing, beautiful, perfect girl in the entire world.  I told them back "I'm no one special, I'm just a very confused and lost little girl".  I still think that's true.  And there probably lies the problem...

Just some thoughts.  Sorry for the bummer attitude ha!  Love to my readers as always... XO

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