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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Songs On Repeat ♥

The following are songs I've recently been hitting repeat on...very much into my 90's love music.  I am a 90's girl all the way, and honestly I really think I was born in the wrong era.  The 90's was my opinion.

  • This Love - Craig Armstrong
  • Lullaby - Lamb
  • We Never Change - Coldplay
  • Thalheim - David Sylvian
  • Blood Red - Rose Chronicles
  • Torn - Rose Chronicles
  • This Strange Effect - Hooverphonic

So today, my lovely boyfriend bought us a beautiful coffee table.  It's so gorgeous.  And our house instantly looks more dressy and even cozy.  I know it takes a while to complete a house, especially on our budget, but I love collecting, finding deals, and even thrifting amazing finds to make our home unique to us.  I am so excited.  I'll make sure I post pictures soon!  I'm leaving you guys with this song I can't get out of my head...and mentioned above..."Lullaby" by Lamb, it's heartbreaking but oh so beautiful and sexy...enjoy!  LOVE to ALL.  XO

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