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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Puppies and Burberry :)

 Khloie wondering how the heck Bella fit under that bed?!

I had the honor of babysitting my sister's dog this week, Bella...the gorgeous chocolate lab!  She is too sweet!  

I loved Elle's from (allthatglitters21 via youtube) Burberry-esque notebook she had found at Office Depot.  I just so happened to find one on the shelf the other day when I was in there (which I never go there).  It was only $4 and I love it!  So cute!  And handy!!  The small sad faced notebook is a gift to my bestie, Robby...he needs a little notepad to put in his scrub pockets to write down vitals.  I thought it suited his personality well haha it's super cute and "pocket sized".  Hope everyone is having a wonderful week--I am!


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