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Sunday, December 4, 2011


No child should EVER have to deal with this.  But I can remember the harsh reality of stupid middle school jerk-offs and their cruel abuse myself.  I too was bullied ALL through middle school.  Mostly by one boy, who most of my school "loved".  The thing is, my mama always taught me to stand my ground.  And I know the reason kids bully...they either truly like you, are jealous, and/or want to be you.  Mr. Bully now is bald, ugly, and I don't think he ever had a real girlfriend even I guess Karma came...and me, I became beautiful.  I lost weight, my skin cleared up, and I have a wonderful life and bright future.  Dear Jonah, if you are reading this, know that when you are my age, 8th grade will seem so very stupid.  I am sending you all the love and hope in the world sweetie!  PARENTS: Make sure your children know not to EVER bully another child!  This is SERIOUS business...and if they are just evil...well, my view on post abortion theories is that I fully support it!  :)  


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