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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Days Of Our Lives... makeup!
Tirimisu for breakfast!  #winning
Pretty highlights.
Out on the town with LuLu!  :)
My GORGEOUS bestie!
Liquid Brownie and Liquid Cupcake...only at Starbucks!  <3
I LOVE this bear!  I want him!!  Especially that cutie in the middle hehe!
New Hatablockaz!  rip old ones!
me and babygirl...
Chinese craving...


My surprise from my man.
Puppies asleep and Xmas treeee!
Snuggle buddies!

My bestie totally parked here bc he thinks he a SUPER STAR lmao--and he is!
Polar bear shoes...
My Moo Moo.
Tattoo I drew on Robby!
Sexy Biiitchh.
I love my mascot!
Goofing off...

XO, some of these are old...just wanted to make a post about it.  Bc I love these photos!  :)

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