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Monday, April 23, 2012

Minx Monday: Foundation For Your Nails

"Minx Monday"--a new thing I came up with for Monday posts; something beauty related, something makeup, something sexy.  Anything minx-y really!  Have you heard of the RGB nail polish line?  Furthermore, have you heard of their line within their line called HIPP X RGB?!  It's a new line with "foundations" for your nails and also "tints" for your nails.  It was created in inspiration to magazine editorial pictures, where nude nail polishes are in high demand.  These polishes are supposed to match your skin perfectly, except they're not for your face, they're for your nails!  

RGB HIPPxRGB Nail Colour F1

I just ordered the "F1" shade, but the "F4" is really quite a lovely color as well.  It was out of stock though.  The nice thing about these polishes is that if you order online, it's complementary shipping!  I only ordered the F1 shade to give the polish a try first, but I am really excited to try a true nude nail varnish.  These shades are supposed to be very opaque and promise to cure your nude addiction.  I have watched one of my favorite beauty gurus, Lorraine of "TheCurrentFavorite", and she loved the F1 shade, and I adored how it looked on her nails.  I can't wait to give this a try...and maybe I'll go back for F2, and hopefully soon, F4!  You can get yours at  Nude on, ladies!  XO


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