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Monday, February 20, 2012

My Sister's Wedding Part One (A Fairytale)

Our wedding gift to K and L from me and D.  :)  For their official wedding photo!
Perfect quote for the perfect couple!  <3

The prezzie all pretty!

...Because I feel like my sister is a princess...and she has the perfect fairytale romance in her life...I love you Kell Belle!
Loveee this photo and this card!

Pre wedding prezzies!
My "something new" gift to my sister before her big day.
There was yummy smell goodies in there!
From me to The Bride!
Before officially wedding at the Court House.

Our dad is cray cray haha...
Princess hair!

BUTT shot!  ;)
Hilarious that it reads "Detention Center"...yet this is where you get married!  They say this is where you get your ball and I told them I want mine "gold with platinum diamonds" hahaha...doesn't even make sense I know!
LOVE this photo...they make a heart!

Mom and Dad signing my sister not really.
Me waiting!
Uber cuteness...

About to be hitched!  hehe

Exchanging the rings...
Happiness.  :)
Her turn...

The kiss that sealed the deal!  xoxo

A happy joyous family...
Mrs. Bradberry!
Gorgeous rings...

"Look it's beautiful!"

Her hair was blowing...soo prissy haha.

Gorgeous couple!
Blurry but I still like it...

"Did I really just do that?!"  Haha...
Mom's stank face!
Sexy legs, and pretty nails!
My favorite photo I took ALL day!  Father and daughter embrace... &hearts;

Soo gorgeous!
MY shoes!  HAD TO!
Wedding dessert at El Tio!

"Sir, do you see these luscious curls?!"  LOL she did NOT want to put that hat on her pretty curled head!

My mom's world...
ME!  Chillin' with Georgey!

My sister's baby Bella.
My little Billa Bella!!
Such a pretty girl!
Curling her hair for her big reception day!
Hair is sooo gorgeous!


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