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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Life At The Moment:

healthy lunch...toasted sourdough, sun-dried tomato pesto spread, low-fat cottage cheese, single slice of swiss cheese, and tomato...with a few mozzarella sticks!  :)  OH and Bolthouse Farms Mocha coffee thing to drink.  SO good!
UPDATED Pandora.  :))  newest additions are the "Everlasting Hearts" charm by the pearl dangle...and the "Daisy" charm.  both have special meaning to me.  
without flash.  
LOVE Daisy Eau SO FRESH!!! <333
soo pretz.
vanity view 2.  loveee my vintage Chanel perfumes.  :)
work shoes.  :))
of course i HAD to get these cute and sassy little Barbie handbags to adorn them!  super fun and inspiring...cheers up dreary days!  XO

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