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Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Picture Worth A Million Words

1 - Louis Vuitton Totally PM bag in Damier Azur print
2 - MCM wallet
3 - Marc Jacobs Daisy Black perfume
4 - Claresonic Mia in pink
5 - Gucci earrings
6 - Blinc Eyebrow Mousse in Light Brunette
7 - Pandora Lucky Clover dangle charm in pink
8 - Rock and Republic jeans 
9 - Home-made dupe for Starbucks Nonfat Iced Chai's
10 - iphone 4s in white

As I sit here with my Bolthouse Farms Mocha Frap drink in a cute thrifted emerald blue mug, snacking on Skinny Cow Milk Chocolate Dreamy Clusters (sooo heavenly, seriously!), I can't help but think how ridiculous this post is!  *Laughs* ...I mean, who makes or takes the time to create "wish lists" or "lusts" as I have coyly deemed it!  But, that is just part of my quirky side I guess...and always being neurotic with lists, as if I could ever FORGET to spend money.  I guess I just like to stay motivated, and this is one way I find that helps me...putting pretty wants together in a powerpoint slide, or even jotting down in cute penmanship on a hot pink Moleskine...I find that writing down or presenting my inner most superficial desires to either just myself for reminder's sake, or to you all, helps me in some way.  To stay organized, positive, creative, imaginative, and ultimately reaching goals...even if I never get one thing off my lists, just jotting down my "lusts" of the moment keep me grounded and knowledgeable of what I really want out of life!  

What are some of your items on YOUR "Wish Lust"?!  XO

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