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Friday, May 11, 2012

MAY BIRCHBOX! ♥ (Gossip Girl Edition)

 This month was the awesome Gossip Girl Birchbox!  I am soo pleased with this box, and am really glad that I got what I Youtube girls got wayy different stuff than me!  But, my box was more "on theme" in my opinion, and I'm really really happy with it!!

  You guys know I signature my blog with an "XO" at the end... :)  This is going to be SO cute pinned to my board in my cubicle at work!  
  So: a BB cream, volumizing hair conditioner, the best perfume ever (it's really good, though I still love my Marc Jacobs!), and a FULL SIZED Stila eyeliner in the color "Flash"'s got micro glitters/shimmers--(and this bronze-y brown color will totally bring out my baby blues/greens)!  Funny enough, that hair tie is one of my favorite things in this box!  It's a turquoise color, and it's SO comfy in my hair or on my wrist!  Something you wouldn't thinkkk you'd care about...but trust me, I felt a world's difference with it in my hair compared to a normal hair tie!  The treat of the month was the cute "xoxo" card above...and I am just so thrilled for this month's "issue"...can't wait for next month's, as always!  Thanks Birchbox for being so ... AWESOME!!!  XO

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  1. Love that GG edition :)


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