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Thursday, February 23, 2012

HAUL!! :)


 Chai Tea...MmMMmm!
Mid-day snack/lunch...assorted crackers, sun-dried tomato pesto, lowfat cottage cheese, and Babybell cheese.  :)  Sooo yummy, soo filling!

FINALLY got my Naked 2 palette!  SO excited!  Also picked up a new color from OPI's new Spring Holland collection, and then got a glitter polish from Nicki Minaj's OPI collection!  OH and I've been dying to find this Revlon Lip Butter since November!  FINALLY got it!  Revlon Lip Butter in RED VELVET!

These came FREE from Ulta!  

FREEBIES, Baby!  <3  Love the gold plated mascara tube!!

 My sister's giftwrapped mini prezzie I got her, and a vitamin infused facial mist!!  Really excited to try/review this product!
I LOVE these notebooks!  So light, thin, compact, and very useful!  

Found this cutie for a cool 10 bucks!  LOVE the hot pink stripes...looks super hawt on!


Found these ADORABLE little bowls to store nail polish and makeup goodies in...for a sweet $2.50 each!! favorite place!!  :)

What have you girlies been up to with your hauls and shopping?  I'd love to hear!!


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