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Friday, February 24, 2012

Infect Me With Your Love, And Fill Me With Your Poison.

inspiration.  love LC's low key style.
dreaming of a Michael Kors Rose Gold watch to call my own!  (been too obsessed with Pandora to splurge on this!)
inspiration to organize my vanity area!

princess room
my dream bedroom.  LOVE.

definitely a Starbucks junkie!
i love her cuff bracelet
cuteness and i love her hair!

BEST invention E.V.E.R!!!
soo want one of these for myself!
totally drooling over this bag and the whole Azur line from Louis Vuitton!!
tart deco
Essie.  "Tart Deco".  LOVE this color for SUMMER!!!
I’ve been looking to buy this for the past month now.
NEED.  but, 'tis soo expensive!  sooo pretty tho and soo functional for my makeup!
why, hellooo, kitty...
j'adore, j'adore, j'adore.  <3
true that.
haha is that BRITNEY, bitch?!
love these for fall
in LOVE with that "Under My Trench Coat" colour...

love this idea...hmmmm.  ;)


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