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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Let me paint a picture:

Getting ready, it's a late crisp and midnight black sky...lights are dimmed, and I'm in my sexiest black lingerie putting on my favorite lotions, and misting myself all over with perfume. Makeup is perfect, hair is tousled...putting on my gold accented jewelry and slipping into some dangerously sexy black patent leather stilettos. I grab my long black trench style coat and dash for my bag, barely locking the door behind me. I have a date with the love of my life and also the greatest loss of my life. We both know we aren't going to make it work--but we can't resist each other anyways. I finally am driving now on a long, dark, mysterious country road...admiring the starry sky...sun roof open as I feel the Autumn wind run through my hair wildly, and I smile...knowing that soon my perfectly made up pout will caress his...and all that we've built in separation of finding ourselves individually will come crashing down after tonight. After all, this is no ordinary love. xo

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