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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Almay Intense i-Color Shadow Stick: Review

 Found these babies at Wal-Mart (a rare shopping venture ...Target girl alllll the way!)...and I was so intrigued by the idea and the simplicity of a quick swipe of the hand, and then beautiful color on the lids.  I first got the one for "green eyes", because I have green eyes obviously.  But, I was so into the one for "blue eyes" I went back and got that one as well after being rather pleased with my eye look for the day using the one I had already purchased.  They are surprisingly easy to apply and glide on really nice...and blending with fingers is so easy--even the worst makeup applier couldn't goof this look up!  Even though I think any of these colors can go with any eye color, I like that Almay designs their makeup to enhance specific eye colors.  That makes it easy to see what works for you, in case you aren't so experimental.  Read on to see what I thought about them...and for SWATCHES!  :)

 A champagne shimmery gold, with a deep dark bronze to enhance those baby blues!

Silvery shimmery gray, with an eggplant purple-y brown to bring out all the sassy green eyes!
After a WHOLE day of wear...a little oily (very humid here), but still very much intact.  AND nooo primer!  
 Please ignore the really BAD skin right now...I don't know what's going on with it!!  But this is in a different light where you can see the shimmers.  You can apply more product for a more intense look, or keep it lighter like I did.  These shadow sticks are no joke though--they are VERY pigmented!  P.S.: Yes, those are my real lashes!  ;)
 SWATCHES!!!  :)  No flash; "blues" on top, "greens" on bottom.  I realize here that the darker brown colors look similar, but I promise you they are not.  The one for the "blue" is very bronze-chocolate-y, the one for "greens" is very dark, deep, and purple.  Sooo pretty!
And, flash!  I really really love these.  I haven't used an Almay products in YEARS, but I am really impressed with these shadow sticks.  I've never been one for cream shadows before, but these ones were quite lovely to work with and lasted so much longer than I thought...literally from morning until my day was over and it was hella dark outside!  I highly recommend these, at least give one a try!  I don't think you will be disappointed...who doesn't love makeup that is so easy, quick, and complementing to your baby hues?!


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