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Saturday, December 1, 2012

1000 Years...and I still love you.

I love you. And I still feel deep down in my heart, that you love me too. And I still believe that one day, you and I will be husband and wife and have a child to represent our love forever on this earth. I don't care about the hurtful words, although they could cut skin...I only care about the ending of the story. I am in love with you because even when I feel like giving up, as you are doing again, I remember the reasons I could never live without you...

Here are those reasons:

-Because when you tell me you love me with those big beautiful brown eyes, I see your soul, and I see you look into mine, and I feel the love we share in the air as we hold onto each other.

-Because you appreciate my deep mind, and you have some deep thoughts to add every time.

-You always let me lay on your chest ...even when you're arms and chest are numb, you love to let me live in your nook.

-I live for your nook.

-When you kiss my neck and then my lips, I am the happiest, most loved girl alive on the inside.

-I believe you when you tell me I'm beautiful...and you think I'm the most beautiful girl in the world.

-You understand my expensive obsessions. Like I understand yours...for your car.

-Because right from the start I knew that I had found the whole to my heart.

-You make my doubt go away somehow when I'm with you.

-Because I have loved you for a thousand years.

-You smell so amazing after getting out of the shower...I love to kiss your neck when you do...and tell you how much I love you and the way your skin smells.

-Your letters. I know they meant something, still mean something, will always mean something.

-You let me wear your clothes.

-I love watching UNC basketball with you...I love to watch you light up when we're actually at the games together...I love spending moments with you that I know make you so happy. It makes me happy too.

-Because every moment with you is stellar.

-You have said that when I get mad, you think it's cute.

-You used to know how to hold me, and calm me when I'm upset.

Darling don't be afraid...because I have loved you, always will love you...for a thousand years. And counting. xo

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